Gro Master has been at World Pork Expo for 25 years; I have been there for 4.  However, this was my first year to attend as an employee rather than just a supportive wife.

It was great watching Booth 503 come together during set up.  The layout and design of the joint Gro Master + Crystal Spring Hog Equipment booth has evolved over the last few years, and it was fun to see the concepts that Tom, Chad and I put together this winter come to life.  I couldn’t help but bring a little Pinspiration to the booth with a new photo wall.

Booth 2

We did a photo shoot in a customer’s barn earlier this spring, and I was really pleased with the shots we got.
It seems like a lot of swine-focused stock photography doesn’t fit our products or the environments that most of our customers raise hogs in.  I love having photos that are totally “us.”

Know what else I love?  Bacon.  And bacon in pancakes.  And Bakon vodka.  I felt much more confident walking into a hospitality tent for a drink or snack this year than in years past.  Totally worth the calories.

Treats enjoyed compliments of Pork Checkoff, Iowa Select, NPPC and Dosatron.  Thanks, all!  And if anyone can find me one of the bacon-encrusted ice cream bars that I missed out on, you will win all of the prizes.

Booth 8

WPX is also a great opportunity for the Gro Master and Crystal Spring teams to spend time together.  There’s always a big evening BBQ with steak and ribs and wings and ribs and ribs and more ribs.  Get in my belly!

Booth 3

The Gro Master & Crystal Spring Hog Equipment teams:

Booth 7

There’s a wide range of marketing and advertising strategies in the industry, and WPX is a good time to see what other companies are doing.  My favorite execution this year was the Porta Potty trailer wrap by More than Manure.  I LOVE that they just own their sh!t (pun totally intended). It’s go time!  Ha.

Booth 4

Overall, it was a great show.  Traffic at the booth was good, we had good conversations with current and prospective customers, I got to meet a few people I had connected with via Twitter, I made some great connections with other industry marketing professionals, and it wasn’t 104 degrees outside.  Awesome.

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