Today kicks off College World Series season here in Omaha, which means it’s officially summer.  Bring on the back yard BBQs, sunscreen and road trips.  Our summer calendar is filling up with weddings, a family reunion and a trip to the Wisconsin Dells for NPIC.  But there’s always time for a virtual vacation, so let’s head to Washington D.C.

I’ve never been to our nation’s capital, so my list of must-sees is long.  But between monuments and memorials, I’d be sure to stop at the Smithsonian to see the FOOD exhibit that opened late last fall.


FOOD: Transforming the American Table 1950-2000 explores changes in food – what we eat, who cooks it, methods & technology used for growing food, and the impact of various cultural and social trends.  The exhibit includes Julia Child’s kitchen as well as sections on progress in food production, cultural shifts and immigration influences on our diets, and American wines.  Because, why not?   Since the exhibit only covers through the turn of this century, you’ll have to figure out the strange marriage of Taco Bell & Doritos on your own.

Nearby, the American Museum of Natural History also has a food exhibit, which is open through August.


Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture addresses a wide range of food topics:  Grow, Trade & Transport, Cook, Eat, Taste and Celebrate, plus the future of food and meeting growing demands.  Our Global Kitchen also takes a look at genetic modification of food throughout history (despite all the news lately, it’s not new), and seems to have a broader focus on biodiversity.  Extra points for an interactive working kitchen, including jelly bean tasting and testing various smells.

I read several fairly positive reviews of both exhibits, and they seem both interesting and entertaining.  Also, like they would make me want a snack.  So get your suitcases packed and let’s go!

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