A grower who’s interested in a Pro Sort system joined us at a site near West Point, NE today for a barn tour.


It was a beautiful day for a drive.


I love rural America. Except when there’s no data service. Then I want to throw my phone out the window.


It was warm out so all the curtains on the barns were dropped.


A new well was going in. The rural water system that the farm used to be on wasn’t cutting it.


It’s a wean-to-finish facility and new pigs arrived just a few days ago, so I went straight to the nursery to say hi. They don’t sit still for pictures very well but they sure are cute.


Piglet snuggles! I really can’t get enough of the little ones.


Pigs are super curious and always want to know what you’re up to.  This is a large pen style barn, so all the pigs live together in a big group. You can see all the fans running on the back wall – great ventilation in there.


Chad checking on the pigs. He’s so handsome.


Time for a snack. They love their wet/dry feed.


Enjoying the sun and breeze. Check out the piggy kiss just right of center. Hee.


Corn got planted late (hello, snow on May 1??) but it’s looking good!


Honestly, I know very little about corn (I’m from Kansas and grew up around golden wheat and red purple milo) but I know pretty green leaves and blue skies when I see ’em.

Stay tuned – soon we’ll meet the farmer whose barn we visited today.