Corn taller than knee-high turned to golden waves of wheat as we headed toward Kansas.

Photo Jul 05, 6 54 54 PM

I knew harvest had wrapped up at home so we stopped just north of the state line so I could take pictures.

Photo Jul 05, 6 55 07 PM

So beautiful.

Photo Jul 05, 6 55 48 PM

Kansas girl, through and through.

Photo Jul 05, 7 00 52 PM

Close to the state line a few fields were still being cut.

Photo Jul 05, 7 00 47 PM

Hi, combine!

Photo Jul 05, 7 01 06 PM

A local farmer told me they were getting 70 bushels an acre at home, and he figured the county average this year was in the high 60s.  That’s a pretty good harvest.

Photo Jul 05, 7 16 32 PM

A lot of people think Kansas is really flat.

Photo Jul 05, 7 20 06 PM

But the Flint Hills roll on and on.  I grew up at the edge of the hills – best of both worlds.

Photo Jul 05, 8 16 02 PM

Pretty Kansas sunset welcoming me home.