Brian, B, Beezer – the childhood moniker may have stuck, but this kind young farmer is every bit of a responsible adult, raising hogs in his own two 2400 head barns in northwest Iowa.


He owns and farms his own 80 acres, cares for his pigs, and works with his family.  He lives in a remodeled farmhouse with his new wife.  Raising hogs is more work than some people would sign up for, he said, but Beezer is proud to be living his dream.


He enjoys choring in the morning and checking on the pigs in the evening.  I could tell he takes a lot of pride in his work.  I heard it in his voice when he talks about his animals, and I saw it in his barns – hands down the cleanest barn office I’ve ever seen!  Being his own boss is a definite perk, he thinks.


Producers mark pigs for a variety of reasons, like if they are starting to show signs of sickness, or if they need to be moved to another pen. A mark on a pig helps you find it in the pen later.


Beezer also marks the pigs that are his little buddies.  They love him right back.  So cute.


Beezer’s ultimate goal is to be an independent farmer.  He’s well on his way and doing a great job.