We try to eat healthy and work out regularly, okay, sometimes, and I’m super grateful for my good genetics (thanks, Mom!), but at the end of the day, I’m a firm believer in everything in moderation.  Even french fries.  And McDonalds’s fries are my favorite.  Don’t you wish they were on the $1 menu?  Ahem.

McDonald’s is on our regular small-town restaurant rotation while we’re traveling, and I try to make good choices while I’m there.  Water instead of Coke, small fries, hold the mayo, order a kids meal, etc.  It’s all about moderation and smart decisions, just like when I eat at home.  (I may be known to have popcorn and wine and try to call it dinner.)  So we can argue all day long about what’s in the McNuggets, but they’re tasty and I eat some every once in a while and I don’t feel bad about it.

Anyway.  Earlier this week, Chad and I were headed East out of Omaha and passed a McDonald’s billboard on the interstate.

Thank you, Nebraska.  What you grow, helps us go.

Well, you’re welcome, McDonald’s.  Thanks for the nice gesture and appreciation of Nebraska’s farmers.  I think that second comma is unnecessary and you need one in the first sentence, but we won’t get into that.

I connected with the Nebraska McDonald’s people on Twitter and they were kind enough to send me a photo of the board.  Gotta love social media.  Similar boards are up in Iowa, too.

NE I-480 & 20TH

I remember passing billboards as a kid proclaiming “Every Kansas farmer feeds 128 people + you.”  Love it.

McDonald’s has been accused of localwashing in the past, and this may fall slightly in that category, but ultimately, I’m thankful for any reminder to the public that all farmers work hard to feed the world.  I’m sure Nebraska’s farmers appreciate the gesture, too (although I’m pretty sure not many of them grow lettuce).

ICYMI:  Culver’s recently painted a barn bright blue to thank farmers.