Pigs get weaned off their mama when they’re 3-4 weeks old.  At this point, they get moved to a nursery barn for another couple of months until they’re about 50 pounds then to a finishing barn, or they go straight into a wean-finish barn, where they’ll live (and eat) until they’re about 7 months old.  This is a young adult in pig years – female pigs hit puberty at 5 months.  Then they go to market, weighing anywhere from 270-320 pounds, depending on the packer.  Mmmmm…pork chops.

Anyway, while they’re in the nursery, they do what kids do – eat, play and take naps. And poop.

Nursery 3

They love their wet/dry feed.  The pigs mix the feed and water in the pan themselves until it’s the consistency they like, just like fixing your breakfast cereal in the morning.  Some people like a lot of milk, and some people like a little.  And once it’s the way you like it, then you love it.

Nursery 1

Pigs are super curious and love to mess around with stuff (and chew on boots).  Some barns are equipped with pig toys for them to play with like this flex auger that’s welded into the gate.

Nursery 6

I love how snuggly the nursery pigs are.  Older pigs still lay on top of each other sometimes, but not as much as the little guys.  And they’re not as cute, obviously.

Eat, play, sleep, be cute.  Quite a life.