Chad and I visit hog barns a couple of times a week, checking on trials or helping producers find solutions.  I’ve gotten comfortable being in the barns, wearing my (not so cute) boots and coveralls, and even the smell isn’t so bad anymore.  I still don’t love being in pens with the big market hogs, though (hello, they can knock me over).  But man, I love those nursery pigs.  I’m plenty comfortable being in the pen with them, so I figured it was time to take the next step – learn how to properly pick them up and hold them.  You know, just in case.

I didn’t grow up with animals; we never had any pets and my grandparents had a lovable (but not holdable) farm dog.  So the whole concept of holding animals is kind of new to me.  But Chad is a patient teacher, and he showed me how to gently but firmly grab the little pig’s back leg and lift it out of the pen and into my arms.  They’re definitely a bit squirmy and I was a little nervous, but I eventually got the hang of it.

Thanks for being my guinea pig, pig!