When I’m in a nursery barn and curious little piglets come over to check me out, they often line up a safe distance from me at first.  It’s very cute (of course) and reminds me of a little Sharks & Jets scene from West Side Story.  West Swine Story?  Bear with me.

Sharks 5

You’re just hanging out minding your own business and one guy wanders over, all surreptitiously.  Check out how casual his friend is trying to be.  Fail.

Sharks 1

Then a few more walk over to join them.   And suddenly you think something might be going on.

sharks 3

And you’re pretty sure you’re gonna be outnumbered.

sharks 4

Snap. Snap. Snap. If that’s not a theatrical chorus line of piggy gang members, I don’t know what is.

West Side Story

The end.