Most of the pigs that are raised for meat in the US are primarily the White Landrace breed. They’re good sows and typically farrow large pigs. They have a good amount of meat in the ham and loin, and finish well.  They look pinker as piglets, but their hair gets coarser as they grow older and they take on more of a white tone.

black beauty

Hampshire pigs are black with a white belt.  Like an oreo cookie, actually.  The boars can be more aggressive but Hampshires are really good mothers and their meat is very lean.


Sometimes you see pigs that are a cross, with some Hampshire markings, or that of another breed. Most of the pigs I’ve seen have a white snout and pink nose.  But this week, I found this little guy, with a white snout and the cutest black nose.

IMG_2718 copy

He looks like a little ink stamp!