One of my favorite things about living in the midwest is the changing of seasons.  Spring is just glorious, and I love tank tops and flip flops and a frosty lemonade in the summertime, but I’m always so happy to see the beautiful colors of autumn when it rolls around.  Scarves and hats and cozy sweaters and SNOW! make the cold air of winter so much easier to bear, and I especially get excited about twinkly lights and the smell of cedar and music at Christmas.  I don’t typically listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, and there are a few goodies that have a special place at Christmas.  Sure, they’d be good any other time of the year, but not as good as at Christmas.


As we drove out to a barn today, I was struck by the beauty of the frozen ground and brilliant blue winter sky. And, I was reminded of one of my favorite Christmas cookies – Chocolate Crinkle Cookies. The rivets of rich chocolate poking out from a blanket of powdered sugar looks just like the plowed rows and snow in the field.  I’ll send you over to The Splendid Table for the recipe.  They’re SO good.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 1.11.51 PM

May your holiday season be filled with many of your favorite things.