Part of my responsibility when we’re in a barn (other than taking pictures, running the timer for water flow, learning about pig behavior, coming up with little stories for the blog, being the helper errand girl, etc.) is to keep the pigs from bothering Chad.  He’s often working with tools and small parts, and getting bumped or gnawed on by a pig can be distracting and bothersome, not to mention a bit painful, depending on the size of the bite, or size of the pig.

IMG_0022 IMG_0032

In the above photos, I’m, well, not doing that part of my job.  Because I was taking pictures.  Whoops!  Sorry, husband.  See how the pigs are so curious?  They want to know what you’re doing, and they like to chew on boots, lick pant legs, nudge your knee to tip you over, bite pockets and just generally be sort of a pain.  Cute, but a pain.


There are many tactics I employ for distracting the pigs and keeping them away from Chad.  There are actual plastic panels designed for moving pigs, but they’re cumbersome and not always handy moving from pen to pen like we do, so I’ve come up with my own creative strategies.

Sometimes I attempt to form a human barrier between Chad and the pigs. I’m sure there’s a basketball word for this, but I don’t know what it is.  Sometimes I offer them my boot to chew on.  They seem to like Chad’s better.  I also wave my hands in bad cheerleader fashion, make up little songs, try to scratch them between the ears, chase them in circles around a feeder, attempt to startle the pigs by saying “Boo!” and jumping at them and other foolishness.  I should put on a traveling show.