We drove to Ohio on Sunday to help a customer figure out why his feed conversion isn’t what it should be. Turns out, Ohio is pretty darn cold and wintery still, too. Weather, I’m over you.


This morning, I learned how to (properly) wrap things in thread tape so I could help assemble some pressure regulators we’d be installing. Don’t look at my work too closely.


I call this one Husband, Working. I like him.


This one is Small Pigs, Large Feeder. This particular feeder is meant to accommodate these pigs from the cute nursery phase (8-12 lbs) all the way up to market hogs (280-325 lbs).


And here I am, holding a pig. I only ever try to pick up the tiny ones, don’t worry. And also don’t worry, because I promise never to tag this #felfie on Twitter. Sometimes industry jargon needs to just…stop.


This guy looks like he will be mighty tasty bacon in about 275 pounds or so. We’ll check back tomorrow.