We started new fitness and nutrition plans a few months ago. We’re doing slightly different nutrition plans (but mostly higher protein, lower carb, good fats for both of us) and our fitness plans vary a bit as well, although we have the overall goal to just move more.  We go to the gym, we take walks, we encourage each other.

And, we have weeks like this one.  We’ve spent the past 4 days in the same hog barn, working with a customer on particularly pesky feed conversion issue.  Normally we’re just on a site a day or two, but we’ve moved on in to the Holiday Inn Express this week, and I’ve moved more this week than I have in a long time.

photo 2[4]

What’s that exercise where you lift your leg over a crotch-high gate while wearing heavy boots?  Cause I’ve done that at least eleventy-billion times.

photo 1[3]

Squatting down to make an adjustment to the feed while swatting away pigs from biting your…everything?  My quads are burning just thinking about it.

photo 1[3]b

It’s exactly 95 steps from one end of this barn to the other.  I must have walked it 100 times this week.

photo 3[4]

But, when it’s these cute guys waiting at the other end, I guess I don’t mind so much. Now, to figure out how to enter all that into My Fitness Pal…