This has been a pretty good week for ag blogs/articles, so I thought I’d share a few of my faves from the week.

Bruce 4

Food For Thought is a blog powered by a group of Kansas State University students hoping to bridge the gap between agriculture and consumers.  This week, Bruce Figger weighs in on common cattle handling practices that can be viewed as cruel or unnecessary when viewed through a consumer mindset.


I’ve mentioned Diana Prichard and her Righteous Bacon blog here before, and I suspect I’ll do it again.  Diana raises heritage hogs outdoors, and has one of the most balanced, wise perspectives on hog farming that I’ve found.  I appreciate her voice always, and particularly in her post this week about being more humane here.


Harvest Public Media covered a Nebraska legislative proposal that would change the process of raising pigs in this state.  The law would effectively overrule a ban on vertical integration, and has potential to expand Nebraska’s pork industry.  Read more here.


My blog friend Jenny and her Sunflower Farmer husband Mark are on the journey of a lifetime – they left the prairies of North Dakota behind for a few weeks while they’re traveling around Cambodia, Singapore and Thailand.  I’ve loved reading along about their travels on Jenny’s blog.

Happy weekend!!