They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  I enjoy taking pictures and really enjoy the range that the iPhone camera has given me.  It’s a decent little camera and fits in my pocket, ready to capture whatever is going on in my life.  I have an okay eye and usually manage to get some shots I enjoy well enough.


I take a ton of pictures when we’re in barns.  Pigs are cute, and if I can help educate people about how their food is raised, I’m all for it.  So I work hard to get pictures that I like.  Above, the EPI Air corona pipe is in focus, you can see the little spikes and the dust accumulation, the pigs are doing their thing – it’s an okay blog photo, especially considering it was taken inside a barn.


And then I look at what the professionals can do.  Hello.  I stop and notice.  That’s pretty to look at.  The photo communicates clearly.  My eye is drawn exactly where it’s supposed to be.

There are times in my job when it’s easy to say “oh, I can do that…well enough.”  or “It will only take me…a lot longer than it should actually, but I can get it done.”  I like to have the solution.  I like to know the answer.

But sometimes, it’s a better use of my time, my gifts, my resources, if I let the professionals do their thing and quit trying to have or be the answer myself.  Sometimes that’s calling a vet when you’re just not sure about an injured animal.  Or calling Chad when your sort system doesn’t work instead of fixing it yourself.  Or phoning a friend to help with an ad design instead of stressing for days and being displeased with your efforts.  When it comes to communicating just the right thing, sometimes I need to bring in the professionals.