Chad commissioned a new sorter system yesterday, which means he was training barn managers how to set up the computer program and scale settings for the Pro Sort large-pen auto sort system.

Chad Pro Sort autosort

The sorter weighs the pigs before they eat and then sorts them, sending them to a light, medium or heavy ration depending on their weight.  It helps pigs reach their target growth weight without putting on excess fat.  It’s a pretty cool concept and I may want one for my own refrigerator at home.   This is a new installation so everything was still all clean and shiny.

one-way gate

The pigs are in training mode right now, too.  They have to get used to the sorter and the gates in their environment.  This pig was so proud that he figured out how to get through the one-way gate.  He could have gone right around it since the pen is open on that side during training, but he persevered and made it though!

And, now on to sitting.  I don’t know why, but I think pigs sitting down look so awkward.  It makes me feel sorry for them, because I really do think pigs are a great animal (cute babies! sausage! bacon!), and they’re really quite smart, but sitting is just not their best angle.

pig sitting

See?  Kinda lumpy and neck-less and just awkward.  Sorry, guy.

I’ll be back with cuter pigs soon, don’t you worry.