Ham and corn and potatoes and a jello salad and relishes and buns and angel food cake and jelly beans and WOW, I am full.  Chad’s aunt knocked Easter dinner out of the park.

Ham comes from the hind legs of the pig and is generally cured or smoked.  It gets its pink color from nitrites used in the curing process (used to prevent bacterial growth – see ya, botulism) and is actually the most popular lunch meat on the market – ham beats turkey by just a few points.  People have been eating ham for a really really really long time – curing the hind legs of the pig dates back as far as 160 BC.

But what do you do with all those leftovers?  Well, let me give you a few ideas.

Ham Potatoes church recipe

My personal favorite is to add chopped ham to a big pan of church potatoes. You know, the creamy, cheesy casserole at potlucks?  Church potatoes.  Add diced ham and you’ve got yourself a meal.


Ham potato healthy recipe

All that sour cream and butter isn’t your thing?  Try this healthified recipe.


Ham sandwich easter leftovers pioneerwoman

The Pioneer Woman’s got a great big sandwich idea here for leftover slices – looks delicious.


Ham potato frittata recipe

Or you could toss it in a frittata for an easy breakfast, or breakfast for dinner.



If you’re concerned about nitrites in your meat, check out this Chico Locker post for more information.

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