June is National Dairy Month, so I had to sneak in a dairy post before the month is over.

Did you know?


The average cow produces enough milk each day to fill at least six one-gallon jugs, about 55 pounds of milk.

Research is indicating that whole-fat dairy (you know, the tasty stuff!) isn’t as bad for us as we maybe thought.  In fact, it’s even being linked to reduced body fat.  Counterintuitive maybe, but great news for us butter lovers.

The average buyer purchases cheese 15 times at retail each year. Except Team Wastell – we purchase cheese at retail nearly every time we’re at the grocery store. We love cheese.

Labels at the grocery store are confusing, but the truth is, all milk is good, nutritious milk.   Here’s a good guide to some of the claims you may see on milk labels.

Milk and…Pork?


Milk and cookies, yes.  Milk and pork?  Yep!  Take a look at this Marcella Hazen Milk-Braised Pork Loin recipe from the good folks over at Dinner: A Love Story.  And, don’t miss their new cookbook Dinner: A Playbook, for more tasty pork & dairy recipes (although not typically combined).

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To learn more about how milk and cheese end up on the grocery store shelves, meet some of the people who raise dairy cows around the US here:  Dairy Carrie  |  Heim Dairy


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