My passion for, and interest in agriculture coincides nicely with my love for food – how it’s raised, how it’s prepared, how it connects us with others, how it finds its way into my belly…  I enjoy reading foodie memoirs and food blogs, and I’ve been known to devour cookbooks like a good novel.  Following food writers and journalists online, in addition to a wide range of farmers and and ag advocates, deepens my understanding and appreciation for the entire food system.

If you have questions about the food you eat, I think it’s always best to first go to the source – the person that grew that crop or raised that animal – but other industry members provide thoughtful additions to the broader conversation around food, too.

Consider some of my favorite females in food below.  I’ll be back next week with 5 ladies involved in the growing/production side of the food we eat.


Author and speaker Shauna Niequist BRINGS IT in Bread & Wine.  Part spiritual memoir, part cookbook, it’s a “perfect read for those who love food and value the community and connection of family and friends around the table.”  Blog | Twitter  (photo source)


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The Frugal Girl started featuring Food Waste Fridays in 2008 to motivate her to waste less food.  Kristen’s blog is a wealth of simple recipes and tips for using up food that might otherwise get pitched.  Food waste (especially produce) is a huge problem in western culture, particularly in the U.S., and Kristen tackles the issue head on.  Blog | Twitter



Rachel Laudan is a historian with a particular interest in food and food politics.  Her latest book (as well as her blog and tweets) tell a story of how humans have created and re-created their food through political, economic, religious, and technological changes. Blog | Twitter


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I’m absolutely smitten with Deb Perelman, the brilliant mind behind Smitten Kitchen.  Deb takes a fearless approach to comfort foods, kicking them up a notch while still maintaining approachable recipes.  Her site is filled with beautiful photography to boot. Blog | Twitter


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Sarah Henry is a blogger at Lettuce Eat Kale as well as a food journalist, covering subjects like “school food, urban eats and people with edible interests.”  Her writing challenges me to think about food issues a little differently – her case for paying more for ethnic food is definitely worth a read.  Blog | Twitter