Today we’re going to talk about something very important, so read carefully.

Pork chops only need to be cooked to 145°F.  

Let me repeat that.  Pork chops only need to be cooked to 145°F.  And they’re totally delicious that way.

pork cares chops

Gone are the days of 160°F+ pork.  Gone are the days of dry, gray, dusty pork chops.  That’s right, several years ago, the USDA changed its food safety recommendations to a brilliant 145°F, followed by a quick 3 minute rest period, which allows all the tasty juices to flow back into the meat before you cut it.  Ground pork and sausage should still be cooked to 160°F.

Served medium or medium-well, pork tastes so good at 145°F.  So don’t be afraid of a little pink in your pork.