Too much bacon? I KNOW.  Is there even such a thing?  Well, maybe.  For me, at least.


We visited Pasadena a few weeks ago for a wedding (and also sang lots of Jan & Dean – go Granny, go Granny, go Granny, go!) and, at the recommendation of our Airbnb hosts, we tried a burger joint in Old Pasadena – Slater’s, home of the 50/50 burger. It’s a patty made of half ground sirloin and half ground bacon.


Slater’s is all about the bacon, with lots of hog and bacon art on the walls, a full range of appetizers that come wrapped in bacon, and even bacon salt on the tables.


I went with arugula, mozzarella and roasted red peppers on grilled brioche.  Chad added grilled pineapple, sautéed mushrooms, peppers, BBQ sauce, two kinds of cheese, extra bacon and guacamole.  I was fairly sure it was going to be too many flavors on one burger.  He disagreed. But he shared his pickle with me, because he loves me but not pickles.

Honestly? I didn’t love the burger. I KNOW.  I really really wanted to.  The toppings were great, the bun was crusty and buttery and carby, but the burger itself wasn’t my favorite.  I think the bacon changed the texture of the burger enough that it was just too much for me.

IMG_4800Maybe I should have gone with the ‘Merica burger – a 100% bacon patty.  Whoa.