A few weeks ago, I shared 5 women making valuable contributions to the broader conversation around food.  Today, I’m highlighting 5 ladies involved in the growing/production side of the food we eat.


Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 11.58.28 AMJaneal Yancy is the Mom at the Meat Counter.  A PhD in meat science, and a mom trying to feed her little girls just like all other parents, Janeal offers an informed, trusted perspective about the meat we eat.  Blog | Twitter


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Lara Durben is the communications voice of the Minnesota Turkey Association, and she knows poultry.  She writes about legislation affecting the industry, life in a small town, and birds in the news, among other things.  Blog | Twitter


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Wanda Patsche was one of the first social media friends that I connected with in real life.  She’s a fellow Hog Blogger, and tackles issues like factory farm myths head on.  She’s a regular contributor in the AgChat twitter world, and also writes for Swine Web.  Blog | Twitter


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Carolyn Olson has a unique perspective as an organic row crop farmer, and conventional hog producer.  I appreciate her nuanced, well-balanced view on industry hot topics.  Blog | Twitter


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Jenny Dewey Rohrich is the Prairie Californian.  Jenny’s photography is breathtaking (and her husband Mark’s Instagram feed isn’t half bad either), her recipes are creative and approachable, and her insights into North Dakota agriculture feel just like you’re chatting with a friend.   Blog | Twitter