It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been in a barn.  I don’t miss the stink, but I have missed taking pictures of pigs.


The barn we were in this morning has a large pen auto sort system. In this system, the pigs all live together in one big pen, and they have to walk through the sorter with a scale to determine which feed they should have.  Heavy pigs get a lighter ration, medium pigs get the normal feed, and the light pigs get a little extra.  Pigs are highly motivated by food, so teaching them to move through the sorter is no big deal.



This is a brand new barn, and one of the rooms didn’t even have pigs in it yet.  I will say, it’s wayyy easier to take photos of the equipment without pigs trying to nibble on my ankles.


See? Brand new, all shiny and red, with a nice packed gravel driveway.  You may recognize this barn – it’s the same one pictured in my post about the open house.


Hey, buddy.  These pigs are getting big, and are beyond the super cute stage.  They’re well on their way to becoming super yummy pork.


They all like to crowd in to say hi.


Oh, that’s me.  Hi!