My mom was a coupon clipper.  Every week, she would check the grocery ads and go through her coupons as she made her grocery list.  I got to circle things in the ads that I wanted, but we definitely didn’t buy Doritos as often as I circled them. Womp womp.  Salty snack disappointment aside, as I work to stick to our family grocery budget, I find myself channeling my mom’s good habits and checking the weekly ads as well.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 4.30.42 PM

We buy most of our meat in bulk at Fareway, and freeze it in individual packages, so I always watch for specials there. Last week, I noticed that not only was ground beef and bacon on sale (hallelujah!), boneless butterfly pork chops were as well.  These chops are some of my favorites for throwing on the grill for a quick dinner.  Pro tip: cook to 145*F then let rest for a few minutes.

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I noticed the same chops on sale at HyVee for what initially seems like a cheaper price, until I looked at the size.  These are two 8-oz chops for $4 (which equals $4/lb), instead of $2.99 for the same amount of meat.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 4.31.02 PM

Fareway also has pork loin on sale for $2.99/lb.  AND whole tenderloins for $3.99/lb, which is a pretty great price – pork tenderloin is soooo good marinated and grilled, you guys.

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But, Baker’s has pork loin for $1.88, more than $1/lb cheaper than Fareway.  I honestly have no idea what it means that it’s “sold in the bag,” but since both stores are pretty convenient for me, I’ll swing by and take a look.

Yes, the price of meat is on the rise.  The pain in the checkout aisle is very real. But if you’re willing to wait for sales and stock up a bit, and by comparing prices and making a quick stop at an extra grocery store, enjoying tasty pork for dinner can still be affordable.

Gro Master doesn’t endorse any specific grocery chain (in fact, Team Wastell buys the bulk of our groceries at WalMart) and this post isn’t sponsored. And yes, I know that many smaller towns don’t have the grocery store variety available that Omaha does, and for this, I’m sorry.  Join us for dinner?