I was working on a new page for Gro Master’s website this morning, and I needed some filler copy for one segment that I didn’t have finalized text for yet.  I Googled “lorem ipsum” like I always do, but one entry caught my eye that I haven’t seen before.

I’m happy to introduce to you, perfect for a Friday…Bacon Ipsum.  “A meatier lorem ipsum generator,” they say.


Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 10.35.51 AM



You can choose from All Meat text, or Meat + Filler.  Here’s a little segment from the All Meat option:

Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet tail ham hock chicken hamburger pork chop. Brisket filet mignon short loin corned beef rump turkey. Corned beef beef ribs t-bone turducken biltong swine ground round tenderloin drumstick pork belly shankle. Capicola tongue ham, corned beef pastrami tri-tip leberkas bacon strip steak sirloin filet mignon pork loin doner turducken sausage. 

It works just perfectly as a traditional lorem ipsum, with the words of varying length.  But, Bacon!  I just love it.  Happy Friday, everyone.