Hey everyone, meet Rebecca!

Staff Rebecca a

Rebecca came on board with Gro Master at the beginning of the year, and let me just say – HOORAY.

Research is a top priority of the company; it’s one of our founder/CEO/President/(my father-in-law) Marvin Wastell’s passions.  So Rebecca is Gro Master’s new Research Assistant, and she is great.  She has a natural curiosity, a love for food and the industry, and shares a strong commitment to solid data and numbers that make sense.  And? She enjoys it.  Win win.  Cause numbers definitely aren’t my thing, you guys.

Rebecca grew up in rural Iowa with a general exposure to agriculture, and majored in Animal Science at Iowa State University.  She initially thought she would explore Veterinarian school, but after being accepted into a research assistant position under Dr. Anna Johnson, decided to pursue a graduate degree in Animal Physiology.  Rebecca said, “Getting my master’s degree was both the best and most challenging thing that I have ever done. I came out the other side a different, but better, person.  I have so much respect for all the professors at Iowa State and at universities across the nation.

In many ways, Rebecca’s position with Gro Master is her dream job.  And no, we didn’t pay her to say that.  Her research at Iowa State had her collecting, entering and analyzing data, developing protocols, and presenting her results.  So far, she says, her job has included all that and more, and she’s loving it.

One professional goal Rebecca has is to help educate the public about animal well-being and the science behind it.  She knows that producers work hard to give their animals the best environment possible, and scientists put many, many hours into determining what good animal well-being means.  “It’s really important to realize that amongst all the politics of food in America, science needs to be the driving factor behind changes made in the industry. …I want to be able to say, some things need changing, but let’s figure out what’s actually best for the animal, and let’s do it based on research.

When Rebecca’s not hard at work with Gro Master you’ll find her helping rescue cats & dogs; she volunteers her time on the board of the Animal Protection and Education Charity in Iowa.  She also very much enjoys disc golf, crafts, and sewing.

We’ll check in with Rebecca periodically to get updates on her research – thanks for making her feel welcome!