Vanberg Specialized Coatings

Vanberg Specialized Coatings

Concrete repair and protection

Vanberg Specialized Coatings provides solutions to problems associated with damaged or worn slats, floors and more in hog production buildings.  Use Vanberg Specialized Coatings to extend the life of your facility and avoid replacing slats and floors.

Armor-Rock System

Armor-Rock combines endurance and exceptional hardness to produce an extremely tough wearing, impact- and chemical-resistant overlay.  Smooth, medium and coarse non-slip textures available.  Can be applied over moderately worn concrete or to new surfaces.

  • Ideal for use around wet/dry feeders, with or without slat mats
  • Repair slats with slight wear
  • Apply non-slip surface to smooth chutes & floors
  • Repair wooden chutes

Armor-Rock Usage Guidelines

Con-Korite Mortar

Con-Korite’s dense, abrasion-resistant and moisture-tolerant properties are ideal for making cost-effective repairs in livestock facilities.  Pure cement technology allows Con-Korite to cure rapidly without shrinking, providing resilience that common repair mortars don’t possess.

  • Patch slats
  • Repair slat edges
  • Repair slats to original shape
  • Repair worn floors in pens and stalls

Con-Korite Usage Guidelines


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