Our Mission

To provide products and services that enhance the viability and sustainability of livestock producers.

Gro Master, Inc

Marvin Wastell founded Gro Master, Inc. in 1982 to bring his expertise in nutrition, consultation and formulas to livestock and poultry producers. In the late 1980s, Marvin focused his efforts on developing and marketing a newly patented wet/dry hog feeder in the United States. Today our team is actively addressing equipment needs, educational activities and strategies to fill voids caused by shortages of labor and to reallocate quality employees for greater impacts.


Create and maintain a team of service-minded individuals devoted to livestock production

Facilitate interactions with available technologies that impact our clients

Mentor upcoming leaders for continuous quality improvements

Customer Alliance Actions

Managing production costs

Maximizing returns of investments

Reducing the environmental footprint

Enhancing profitability of farm-to-food operations