Gro Master

Ultra Sort

  • Stand-alone (monitor and program at sorter)
  • Stand-alone with hardwire to Office or med-room
    1. See weights at Sorter (calibrate the eye of people)
    2. Calibrate beside sorter with monitor or from med-room/office
    3. Receive and store data on computer outside of rooms
  • Stand-alone with Off-site set-up, monitoring and data accumulation
    1. Internet or WIFI required (data capable)
    2. Company personnel manage from distant sites (bio-secure)
    3. Gro Master intervention for updates and corrections

Feeder consultation and procurement

Design, access and assistance with crates, scales, penning and sorting equipment

Consulting work (multiple species, separate from product support)

New or Retro-fit Equipment

  • Load cells for feed storage bins
  • Concrete repair and protection products
  • Flooring for swine units
    1. Plastic flooring for Nurseries
    2. Plastic panels and flooring for farrowing crates
    3. Composites or cast products

Identification tags (locations or animals)

  • RFID tags (specify by frequency and distance)
  • UHF tags
  • Identification only tags