Fetura Cloud


  • Process verification: Identifying needs, Responding, & Auditing actions
  • Key performance indicators by animal, group, barn, farm, etc.
  • Changes to settings on controls or devices
  • Daily weight gain of nursery and finishing  pigs
  • Response and actions to alarms
  • Daily feed usage
  • Noxious gasses
  • Water Consumption


  • Feeding: Growing, Gestating, Farrowing and Lactation
  • Collection of sows production data
  • Restrictive feeding in group pens
  • Sorting market pigs
  • Feed bin inventories
  • Reduce labor and feed wastes by RFID and “trigger” stimulus
  • Inventory and maintenance needs by crate, room or barn
  • Feed by schedule or intake mechanically but with on-site over-rides


  • Employee communications and normal scheduling of activities
  • Real-time parameter changes across all devices for one farm, or multiple
  • Response to abnormal gas, water or electrical events
  • Farm benchmarking using a virtual map
  • Translations to multiple languages
  • Accurately predict delivery dates of market loads at precise weight ranges.
  • Pre-program feed deliveries