Climate Controller

The Fetura system allows remote observation and management of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems via the Fetura CLOUD app, ensuring ideal climate conditions for your animals. Authorized users can adjust climatic conditions, and the changes are documented. With the appropriate wiring additions, micro-climate parameters can be added.


Measuring the Amount of Feed in Feed Bins

Use of Fetura CLOUD allows for real-time monitoring of feed inventories, alerts when inventories are low and facilitates scheduling of subsequent deliveries. Two options are available: radar or load cells.


Meters for Water and Electricity Usage

Allows budgeting and management of utilities and the ability to respond to abnormal events, even when the producer is not at the farm. Proper attention to water and feed intake may indicate health challenges before symptoms can be observed by labor.


Walk-through Scale

Performance station that allows real-time determination of feed conversion on a representative group of pigs in a room or barn.  The station uses measurements of room temperature, feed consumption, water consumption, and weight gains of growing/finishing pigs on a daily basis.


Control of Nutrition Costs

The NUTRI ONE, NUTRI GROUP and NUTRI PRO feeding systems allow accurate measurement of feed consumption and cost analysis. Manage feed rations and individual feed volumes to achieve the optimal production results.