Precise Feeding Lactation Sows

Nutri One dispenser regulates feed offerings based on requirements for optimal body condition. Frequent and maintenance-free feed dispensing in small portions (up to 6 times a day) increases sow milk production and productivity, thus increasing the weight  of weaned piglets. The “teasing effect” of small initial doses reduces labor for cleaning of feeders.


Gilts/Sows Feeding in Group Pens

Upon entering the self-locking crate, the animal is identified with an RFID ear tag and the dispenser automatically gives an individually adjusted feed portion according to the feeding curve. The self-locking crate ensures that all animals are fed, calm and do not fight over hierarchy.


Automatic Sorting Scale

Properly managed, large-group pens reduce stress and fighting during the grow-finish phase of production. Sorting pigs by weight into 2 or 3 groups reduces feed costs per pound of gain by feeding more precise diets to meet requirements of the pigs. Labor costs at marketing are reduced because pigs at desired weights are ready to load.


Growing/Finishing Feeding Control

The Nutri Pro will provide information on the amount of feed consumed for a given period. The dispenser is programmed for feeding on a schedule based on the current animal status. On-site or on-computer alarms and lights call attention to decreased intakes. Feed settings can be enhanced or over-ridden at the dispenser.