Breeding Program

An application created for sow farm management which allows data entry and storage in real- time using the RFID scanners and ear tags. It is a professional tool not only for managing animals but also for scheduling future activities and labor required for necessary tasks.


Task Scheduling

Plan and manage employee tasks with Solidtask. Automated tasks will help you easily manage your employees’ daily responsibilities. Verify task completions, control and communicate with your employees in multiple languages with Solidtask.


Virtual Farm Map

Graphic representation of the operating status of devices, rooms, pen layout, and the location of sows on the farm displayed on a single screen. Multiple farm maps may be added depending upon supervisory capacity.


Automatic Data Completion

The use of RFID scanners and ear tags reduces the likelihood of incorrect data entry by employees. The accessories  extend the capabilities of Solidfarm and Solidtask, making daily farm duties easier and completed faster.